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Way no other cause does. Protecting the public doing something meaningful for other people. 3. What are the three ways that Police Officers have to get people to do what they want them to do? A. Noble cause b. The volt c. The tower 4. What does the operative assumption of guilt mean?

Explain. Police tend to assume lilt as a working premise of their craft. 5. In order to recognize and control Police brutality. What do we need to recognize? Follow the law 6. Who are “keyholes” as explained by Van Mean? The trouble makers, because they where the ones that would make all the trouble in the streets. 7. What does the power of self mean? Give one example of the power of self. The power to show other correct behavior through example, to pass values on to others 8. What, or who, did the British Broadcasting Study examine? C Carl clocks 9.

Define “informal organization” in relation to early definitions of police culture. Groups who made up these cliques developed informal rules for getting along. 10. List Crank’s 5 Anthropological notions of culture as applied to the Police. A. Sense of morality (common sense) c. Cultural material elements d. Social structural informal rules and techniques e. 11. What did the Stanford Prison Experiment study? How did the student’s act during the study? 12 guards 12 prisoners 24 students. Experiment suggest the substantial problem with group behavior. 12.

Crank and Caldera suggested that the brutal treatment of prisoners at ABA Grain and the behavior of the students in the Stanford Prison experiment resulted from what? Group behavior, under stress, when leadership lacks the right kind of training. 13. At some point in their careers, Police Officers will find themselves in means-ends conflicts. What are they? What is Emir’s recommendation for officers faced with means-ends conflicts? Means-ends conflicts means situations that police officers found themselves. Mir recommendation if you are uncomfortable with moral dilemmas, you probably don’t belong in police work. 4. According to Mir, maturity lies in the ability to do what? Was the ability to balance the use of force with power of the purse and the word. 15. Define the following terms: a. Value-based decision-making- noble cause, the victim, and the tower. B. Noble cause- is moral commitment to make the world safer place to live. C. Street Justice- violence or rude treatment carried out against citizens. D. Power of self- the power to show other correct behavior through.


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