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Why does the public find use of force by police so disturbing? Are the police using more force? With so much going on in the media, the public is more terrified of the police. Many are not comfortable with calling up Law Enforcement. Many feel police officers abuse their authority. It seems as If they’re abusing their authority as police officers. In many situations claiming self-defense. Young teens and children being gunned down by law enforcement. Many afraid to call upon law enforcement, afraid of their own safety. Police officers should be a part of the community not against the immunity.

We all know the story of Oscar Grant, 22 year old African American young man fatally shot by a Bart police officer in Oakland, California early New Year’s Day in 2009. Yes he was resisting arrest but he was hand cuffed lying face down. How can a police officer feel threatened when Oscar Grant was clearly restrained. Police officers should be trained to handle situations with their best Judgment possible. These are supposed to be who protects the community not cause harm to the community. One example of the police using more force today.

There’s more people being killed by Alice then being saved. This is who our government heelers to protect the community. Police brutality Is one of the most serious, enduring, and delves human rights violation In the united States. Police officers engage In unjustified shootings, fatal choking, severe beatings, and unnecessarily rough physical treatment In scales all over the united States. Police superiors, the Justice Department, and city officials act decisively to restrain or penalizes such acts, or even record full magnitude of the problem. Usually a small percentage of habitually brutal officers may be the subject f repeated complaints but are usually protected by their fellow officers. Any victim trying to gain Justice may face obstacles at every point of the process. Severe abuse takes place due to overwhelming barriers to accountability make it very likely that officers who commit human right violations escape due punishment to continue their abusive conduct. The cost of pervasive police abuse Is monumental. Cities pay tons of millions every year In response to victims’ civil lawsuits.

In communities of racial minorities, It creates a rift between the police and the public. Race continues to play central role In police brutality In the United States. Molesters have alleged human rights violations more frequently than white residents. Race is playing a big part in Police brutality. I do believe police are using more force today. It has been proven in many cases. Why must the public suffer from racial profiling and police brutality? “Do not be silent. Do not be complacent.

Do not continue to live with police misconduct and violence as somehow acceptable,” Sheraton wrote on The Huffing Post. Eric Garner was a 43 year old black man who died in July after a police officer laced Eric Garner in a prohibited choke hold by a white police officer, he died. The NYPD officer Daniel Panatela said he “felt very bad” about Garners death and sent his condolences. However a grand Jury declined to Indict NYPD officer Pantaloon. Why? Just because he was an officer he got away with killing a man. If that would have been a client committing such a crime they would have been charged with murder.

An apology doesn’t bring back Mr… Garner. HIS family Including wife and kids will never see him again. He was taken away from his family. Imagine how his wife and o consequences for his actions. When is it k to take the life of another human being? Police officers using their weapons unnecessarily should be prohibited. How should the public feel safe when Police officers are intimidating the public? The line of defense – that a police officer is entitled to use deadly force while doing his Job if he fears for his life.

This standard in law that absolves police officers from facing charges for harm caused by excessive force. It was seen as the legal linchpin that allowed two grand Juries to exonerate the white officers who killed Michael Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in Staten Island. Protest across the country demand that this standard protecting officers who lose control and use excessive force must be changed. LA Times reports, that police who too quickly rely on deadly weapons know that they can say those magic words, they feared for their life and escape accountability.

Police are using way to much force. Abusing their authority. The way police seek to uncover criminal activity is patrolling the streets looking for activity they believe may be suspicious, stopping cars for traffic violations in the hope of covering more serious criminality while also engaging in undercover operations in an effort to uncover crimes without complaining witnesses, like prostitution and drug trafficking. These are police tactics involves a substantial amount of discretion.

Officers decide who they consider suspicious, what conduct warrants further investigation, which cars to tail, and which neighborhoods are ripe for enforcement activities. Unfortunately, that discretion is often exercised through the prism of race. This is the practice of racial profiling. It is the identification of potential criminal suspects on the basis of skin color or accent. Statistical evidence demonstrates that black motorist are disproportionately stopped for minor traffic offenses because the police assume that they are more likely to be engaged in more serious criminal activity.

This cause are large number of black drivers that are innocent to be subjected to the hassle of police questioning, and this results in a lopsided number of blacks being arrested for non-violent crimes that would not have come to attention of authorities but for the racially motivated traffic stop. Under a federal court onset, traffic stops by Maryland State Police on interstate 95 were being monitored. Between January 1995 to December 1997, 70 percent of the drivers stopped and searched by the police were African American, only 17. 5 of all drivers, as well as overall speeders were black.

Racial profiling is also carried out in other forms than traffic stops. Enforcement of the controlled substance laws, in general seems premised on the bizarre perception that trafficking is exclusively a minority owned business. Drug courier profiles have regularly included race as an explicit element of suspicion in sworn testimony. DEAD agents have stated various times in recent years stated their belief that most drug couriers are black females, and that being black or Hispanic was part of the profile they used to identify drug traffickers.

Police officer that worked at the Memphis International Airport testified that approximately 75 percent of those stopped and questioned in the airport were black. In 1994 there was an incident in Lincoln, Nebraska, a man named Francisco Reentered was escorting his mother home from and Laundromat when he was accosted by University of Nebraska police dispatch to investigate a crime. Reentered was mistaken for the suspect. He was fatally beaten, despite the fact that on only match between Reentered male”. Why was he beaten?

That’s not the way law enforcement should handle situations. The police used way too much force, abusing their authority as law enforcement. The public shouldn’t have to fear of racial profiling or police brutality. I feel society may fear law enforcement more than feeling like they can count on them to protect them and their community. It’s very rare you will come across a friendly Alice officer. They walk around like they’re better than everyone. Some of them have attitudes making citizens feeling intimidated.

Why can’t they’re be police officers that are a part of their community and say hello to their fellow citizens. Why must they put their nose in the air as if the community is beneath them? I feel most citizens are judged by the crimes being committed in the community. Racial profiling and police brutality is very common. Just as we have citizens in the community committing criminal crimes we have law enforcement who are supposed to be protecting the immunity committing criminal crimes as well but most of them get away with it. These are things I do not understand.

I believe most police officers should wear a body camera to as in other countries do. Police don’t like change but I believe all countries should make all officers wear them. I believe this will protect citizens and police officers in many cases. I believe this will make the public and citizens feel more comfortable knowing the police have a camera on everything they do. If there wasn’t so many examples of abuse of power, miserable Judgment, and excessive use f force on the part of the police wouldn’t find the use of force by police so disturbing.

There wouldn’t be protesting going on against police force, it would maybe cause the community to come together and not be so disturbed. I believe if we Just see more officers taking responsibility for their wrongful actions and poor judgments the public would have a different perception of police force. I believe the public feels that police can do whatever they want and not suffer consequences especially if there are no witnesses of video footage of the incident.


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