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Police brutality is the unlawful use of power, act or authority by the policemen’s on the civilians (Russell-Brown 2009). Police brutality is an unfortunate corollary of the dangerous Job of protecting society from its worst citizens, an anomaly attributable to the characteristic of individual police officers and the police department (Holmes and Smith, 2008). The actions can be employed with either the use of firearms, other lethal and non-lethal weapons or the improper use of holds or restraining quenches (Blur, 2010).

In the united States, the brutality by police officers has been passed on from the time memorial. Police have used forceful methods in trying to arrest criminal with an alma of maintaining law and order. Some brutal actions are Intentional while others are unavoidable. These actions by police officers have led to negative public picture some people view the police force as the enemy of the people. John . P and Michael Cauldron in their book Police Ethics: The Corruption of Noble Cause (2010) depicts police officer the fighting unit against crime.

This war would be on with any means possible regardless of its effects on the suspect. Hopkins wrote this policy of our lawless police in 1931. The pressure from the public is used as an escape goat to police brutality. This gives the police the power to act in a forceful way to maintain law and order in the streets and the community to ensure the safety of other civilians. The article Is biased as It puts the blame on the public. It Is the work of the police to maintain law and order but not at the expense of Innocent lives or health.

The actual story is that the clear evidence of police brutality by the police officers brings about overspent are trying to make changes that will improve the services of the police offices and reduce brutality did not have an effect. Many commissions were formed, and they submitted their recommendations on how to improve various problems. Although this was a good step in the right direction, the implementation of the recommendation has failed. The police officers still act the same way towards suspects as they did a century ago.

A World of Gangs: Armed Young Men and Gangs Culture (2008) by Headgear view police brutality and corruption as the major issues in the police department. Exposing the corrupt and brutal police officers have been a hard task given the fear from the public. Criminologist has made some few steps in the right direction, but a lot still need to be done. The book view brutality by the police as an act associated with black community living in the ghetto. There have a number of campaigns in black ghettos towards the unfair treatment by the police officers.

To them, the police officers act in racial way as they equate the black community as a criminal prone community. The rumors of formed gang members in the black communities have en a primary concern to the police in dealing with matters such as drugs and robbery activities. Hedgehog (2008) states that the effect of racial discrimination by the police towards the minority communities and the black has been an open and evident act that has been going on for quite some time. The police do target not only the gang members but also the innocent civilians in the black communities.

The forceful nature of which the police handle the black community has led to a bad view from the public. At times, it like the police are at war with the blacks. The public is aware of the unlawful acts by the police but given that the police can get away with any act by saying that the suspect was a member of the gang or a criminal they have less power in making any change. The courts also play a significant role in protecting the police as they always abide with them in any given situation. An example of some of the brutality by police officers is the shooting of Collar in 2012.

He was an 18-year-old University student who was shot by a police officer of the University of South Alabama. The case went to court, but the police officer was cleared of all the charges on the ground that he boy was under drugs and the police officer was acting in self-defense. In July 2014, a police officer in New York was accused of killing Garner. The police officer hand chocked him though he was unarmed. The offices were investigated but were never charged. Politicians in different states do not help either.

The fear of losing their political seat due the lack of aggressiveness in fighting crime puts them away from criticizing the police department of their actions. Race and Police Brutality: Roots of an Urban Dilemma (2008) by Holmes and Smith states of how police treat different groups in a very different way. There is discrimination when it comes to race and class. Though most of the United States population believes that the gap between the rich and the poor has reduced, the treatment given to both group is quite different.

The view of the black and Hispanic in highly respected estates are always hostile towards when it comes to dealing with the police. The idea of the police protecting the rights and the interest of the rich is different as compared to how they handle the minority. They use every means possible in protecting the rich from the disadvantaged community. With this reason, the police apartments have continued the practice of brutality towards the black community knowing they have the backing of the white and dominant community.

Explain how academic knowledge impacts the social elements and institutions of both local and global communities. Academic knowledge plays a significant role in the running and operations of different institutions in the world. The knowledge gained from academic help in handling matters in a more complex and better way. Academic knowledge also provides a field of better qualification and standards in the field of operation. In recent reports, there has an indication of a reduced level of academic knowledge on most of the corrupt and brutal members of the police force in different parts of the states.

The qualification criteria are not met in any way but through unclear ways, the police persons find their ways into the departments. Without the academic knowledge, police officers can easily violets the human rights without being aware of the violation. Before handling a suspect or a criminal, a police officer should be in a position to understand that the suspect is still innocent until he r she will be proven guilty. In most cases, unqualified police persons or uneducated always performs unthinkable acts on suspects. These have led to the various loss of life and killing of the innocent without trials.

Some suspects have been mistreated and tortured without being given a chance to prove their innocents. Proper education to the police persons will improve the better ways and tactics of getting information’s and confessions from a suspect without violating the human right conduct. Brutality and torture have been used to handle many suspects who are unarmed or eave surrendered. Education will allow the police office to know when to use a weapon or not. The shooting and killing of suspects is a widespread phenomenon in various states in the country.

Although some hunting and killing are an avoidable, the understanding of the situation by a police office will be critical in making the right judgment or taking the right step in handling the situation. Admittedly, police often must use force, and deciding whether a particular use of force was appropriate can be difficult (Parry, 2010). Methods such starvation, choking, punching and arm- wasting are not the best ways of getting information out of the suspect. Lack of education or qualification will limit a police officer to physicality and brutality to the only way of dealing with a suspect.

These physicality and brutality at times are so severe that they lead to deaths or serious harm to the suspect. A study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics reported that 2002 people lost their lives in the process of arrest homicides, the vast majority of which were considered by authorities to have been justified under the circumstances (Parry, 2010). According to the report, more than 000 people lost their lives in situations that would have been controlled if there was better understanding between the suspect and the police officer, or if the police officer had a better knowledge of how to handle the situation.

Interrogation tactics require a high level of academic knowledge and understanding. Qualified police officers in the Interrogation departments always go through various and intense training in helping them deal with the suspect and get information out of them without violating any of the human rights. Studying if a suspect is lying or ailing the truth requires a high psychological study on the suspect. The process of interrogation is always complex and different depending on the type of crime in question and with different suspects being interrogated.

More serious and sophisticated methods are used in murder cases as compared to minor cases such as drinking while driving. When handling or interrogating a female suspect, the police officers always use more lenient ways as compared to when dealing with male suspects. The interrogation methods also differ when it comes to handling Juvenile cases as compared to adults. To know all these, a police officer will require high academic knowledge that most of the police who use brutality as a method of interrogation always lack.

False imprisonment is the act of restraining the free movement of a suspect without probable cause. Lack of proper academic knowledge will hinder a police officer in getting the right information about a case and making the right diagnose of all the facts that are related to a case. A police officer must have enough evidence to lock up a suspect. When a suspect is restrained with probable cause, the police officer will to be guilty of any false imprisonment even when the person is taken to court and found not guilty of the crime he was accused of.

Assess how the principles of active citizenship could impact the contemporary issue during the next five to ten years. Participation of the public in the policing process will help to lower down the rate of police brutality in the country by a mile. Through activities such as community policing, the public supports the police in bringing down criminals. This reduces the police dirty work, which might have involved shooting or use of unnecessary force in the arrest. Community policing, provides the public with an insight to what being a police means and entails.

This improves the understanding of why police carry out some actions that are not so familiar to the public. The community will learn to appreciate the effort made by police officers in trying to maintain law and order within the country. In the process of doing this, even the police officers themselves face various dangers that have led to a number of officers losing their lives. They put their lives on the line appreciated. With the improved technology and high number of thieves and robbers sing more sophisticated weapons for robbing as compared to before, the risk of being a police officer has increased.

They engage in numerous shootings and showdowns with criminals who at times have better-equipped weapons to them. When a community engages in policing, they will appreciate this effort and this will improve the cooperation they will offer to police officers when there is need. Through active participation in policing, the public is exposed to numerous human right acts and violation. Some report indicated that more than 40% of the total population do not know their rights as human, or they are Just naive.

Knowing what you should be exposed to during arrest will help in keeping the police officers on their toes when it comes to respect to the human right. Naivety by the public has led to a significant number of cases that involves police brutality going unnoticed and this has aid in the spreading of the act by police persons, as they know they can easily get away with it. With some cases going to court and but later the police officer involved released without proper trial, the public pressure on serious actions against the police officers by the court has started to get public attention.

The police officers are the law maintenance body in the country, and this has played a major role in most cases missing a strong claim to back them up. When a suspect loses his or her life during or because of arrest, there is a report from the police department about the death. In most cases, the stories are written to try hide the exact cause of death and to protect the office involved. A Proper investigation into the death of the family or medical professions is always interfered with, due to fear of the exact cause of death being exposed.

The law implementing body is also not doing enough in trying o lower the rate of police brutality. Some police officers have walked out of court declared innocent of their actions even when there is complete and clear evidence in recording and writing over the police officers’ actions. Community policing will help build a good relationship between the police and the public. It is clear that the community has not been so close to the police in most cases. They have aided in some criminals getting away and holding back of information.

The willingness of most community residents acting as witnesses has been poor due to the negative view the public have of the police. The brutality and corruption among the police officers have caused more pain and suffering to the community. With this poor relationship, the police have found it hard in hunting down community-based criminal. The police need full support and help in trying to carry out their work within a community set-up. They need an insider or an eye/spy, who will act as the source of information and update of development on serious criminal activity in the area.

The cooperation of the community is so important for any successful operation. The good relationship built between the police and the public will help the police in understanding the publics cry and plea on the level of brutality and the unnecessary use of a dangerous weapon. When an innocent suspect is murdered, the family loses faith in the police. This will create a back clash from other community members and the police. It is important for the police to take death of the suspect. Government intervention is also important, as the public will understand that they are unreadable when they are on the wrong.

By doing this at least, the public also knows that there are efforts being taken in reducing or dealing with the police brutality. Community participation in the recruitment purpose will help in reducing the rate of police brutality in the near future. Through their participation, the process of recruitment will be free from corruption and favoritism. Corruption and favoritism in the recruitment have witnessed Certification and Licensing of Police Officers who have not qualified or met the required criteria. The corruption process is rampant and widespread in the country.

Lack of adequate certification will lead to poor service delivery by the police, and the rightly trained to be police officers will be denied the opportunity. The process of recruitment should be transparent and corruption free to ensure the best is enrolled in the academy. Lack of skills and academic knowledge in handling suspects or identifying suspects is necessary in handling a case as a police officer. The number of wrong arrest by police officers has been due mainly inadequate skills and knowledge in identifying the right suspect and wrong diagnose on the guilt.

The rate of police spying is high in major states around the country. The police at times dress as civilians to get information or spy on some prominent people within he community. At times, the police use civilians to act as a spy for then. This move has caused a lot of mistrust between the police and the community as it is hard to operate or do your daily activities without being sure whom your neighbor is. Ending police spying will help build the trust between the police and the community, and the community will fell trusted to do the right thing when it comes to maintaining law and order.

Participation in the accreditation of the police department by the community helps in improving the services provided by the police in any given community. This move will cake the police accountable for every adverse action done to the community, and the awarding will be genuine. Keeping the police on their toes ensures better services and control of the police performance on the hand of the community. A strict community will see a better service provided while a weak community will make the police department reluctant in whatever they do. Blob Submerges, R.

Rapper Surface Emotionally Weighs In On Police Brutality: ‘l Feel Like We’re Being Hunted’. Retrieved April 24, 2015. From https://www. Blob. Com This Blob talks of the biased nature and racial practices by the police officer. Rapper Surface, one of the most popular musicians, narrates his view on the matter of the police brutality towards the black community. “l feel like we’re being hunted, you and he’s got way more of a reason to lie than we do than I do,” he said. “You killed [a] man. And he doesn’t even get a day in court. Well, not that the Judicial system is set up for us to benefit from in any bucking way.

You dead on both sides, man. You are” Surface. The fight’ between the police officers and the black community has attracted a lot of attention, and a lot requires to be done. Various humanitarian organization efforts have failed to in reducing the level of brutality and the racial nature of the police practices. In conclusion, the police brutality is an issue that requires urgent attention. Many people have lost their lives, and many have suffered physical injuries that could be avoided easily. The government should put in place measures to help deal with this issue. Laws that govern the innocent from the police should also be passed.


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